About Us

What We’re About:

Here at UHFC we specialize in helping students and young professionals find rental housing in their local market, whether its being busy building up your career or making the transition into moving away to college for the first time, our goal is to make it as easy as possible and have young professionals in the real estate market explain it in a way that can be understood.Along the way we educate about the local housing market, tenant & landlord law and what it takes to be accepted into their dream home.

We are located near Chapman University and we are a branch of Ricci Realty that specializes in helping students & young professionals navigate the rental market from the application process to the life skills of contract comprehension and requesting repairs during their lease term, we not only lease, we educate.

What Bother Using Us?:

Unfortunately a lot of Property Management Companies and Real Estate Firms don’t have a system in place that caters to the next generation and can be overwhelming for someone just looking at the logistics at renting their first home. For the benefit of housing students and young professionals who may just be starting to build up their financial background, here at UHFC we push for this. We educate our landlords on appropriate scenarios for Co-Signers for students that may be full-time or understand the needs. Our parent company Ricci Realty manages over 500+ properties in the cities of Orange and we an edge to getting you the right house. Even if the home is represented by a different firm in the area we can represent you and put your application in the best light.