Author - AJ

Understanding Credit

Most of us come face-to-face with our credit at some point in our lives. Living purely on cash is possible but can be challenging. The biggest ticket item most Americans buy on credit is a home but even something as simple as opening a utility or cell phone account might require a credit check. How’s your credit? Have you checked it recently? If you are searching for a way to start building your credit, or simply want to know more [...]


3 Steps to Balance School & Work

Managing a school schedule is hard enough. After a long day of classes, homework, papers and extra curricular activities, all you want to do is chill and binge a little Netflix. I get it. Unfortunately, binge watching Stranger Things won’t pay the bills. So you’ve got to figure out how to balance working a job on top of the crazy schedule you already have. Don’t worry though, I’ve got a few tips to help you handle the challenge. As a student, I [...]


Elements of a Rental Application

The rental application process can be just as intimidating as the search itself. Depending on if the house is managed by an owner, or by a property management company, they typically ask for the same information. You’ll be surprised at the array of personal information required from you. If you’re not prepared for it, the application process can become a serious time-suck and you may risk losing the apartment to another, faster applicant. In order to help you move as quickly [...]